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How to use the site

Keyboard shortcuts:

To access directly a given page you can use the following keystrokes. In Windows you can use the ALT key + access key; in Macintosh use the CTRL key + access key.

Here is a list of the different access keys for the site:

  • Alt + N = Access browser,
  • Alt + C = Access contents,
  • Alt + H = Back to the top of the page,

Other shortcuts "drive" the browser. Here are the most common ones:

  • Alt + left arrow = Back to previous page,
  • Alt + right arrow = Go to next page,
  • TAB = Go to next link (tab key browse),
  • Space bar = Go to next frame,
  • F5 = Refresh page,
  • Ctrl + F5 = Refresh page (override cache),
  • Ctrl + N = Open new window,
  • Ctrl + T = Open new tab (Mozilla only),
  • Ctrl + W = Close current tab or page,
  • Ctrl + F = Find in this page,
  • Ctrl + P = Print page,
  • Ctrl + A = Select all,
  • Ctrl + C = Copy to clipboard,
  • Ctrl + V = Paste from clipboard,
  • F11 = Full screen

Browsing and links

You can access the site map, contacts and help from any page. The browser menus reflect the general structure of the information. They are present on every page and provide access to the entire site at all times.

Text size

The texts have a relative font size. It is therefore possible to enlarge them according to your needs. To change the size of a text display you will find the necessary commands in your browser in the menu Display>Text Size for Internet Explorer and Mozilla, Display > Zoom for Opera.

Useful plug-ins when visiting the site:

Download Adobe ReaderTo open PDF files, download Adobe Reader,


Download Macromedia Flash PlayerTo play Macromedia Flash animations,
download Macromedia Flash Player.