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Dakar Series


The "Dakar Series" has the authority to bring together, eventually, under the same label, several off-road rallies meeting the founding standards of organisation and sporting values. The A.S.O., organiser of the Dakar Rally, intends extending this concept to several competitions, which it aims at running over the long term. The Central Europe Rally, being held between 20 and 26 April, will be the first competition of the "Dakar Series".

Quality organisation

The Central Europe Rally relies on the know-how of A.S.O. teams in organising sports events. In the fields of cycling, golf and athletics, horse-riding and of course motor sports, A.S.O. continues its mission of creating and developing international competitions, which have a major role in their respective fields. As regards the Dakar, the rally's latest years have been a testimony to high standards, notably concerning accommodating competitors, race security and application of the different sports regulations. On different scales and different types of terrain, the demands on competitors of the Central Europe Rally will be equivalent to those of the Dakar, as will also be the forthcoming "Dakar Series" races.

Promotion through the media

The quality of the competition also guarantees strong media interest. Rallying is strong in images, so attracts large numbers of television viewers. Likewise, the press, radio and agencies, whether focussing on the drivers' experiences, or the fight to win the race, they are keen on covering events of each day of the competition. Furthermore, for motor sport enthusiasts, the Central Europe Rally meets strong demand: at regional level, for several years, Hungary, Romania and their neighbours have been pushing for a major event, especially an off-road competition. Also, it is at this crossroads of Europe where the sport's future will be forged.